Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wednesday Night

I’ve got a lot done over the past few days but most of it not photogenic. However, I have a new pile of loot.

Why yes, that would be a Black and Decker jig-saw. Oh, the fun I can have now!

As I was getting back from Glasgow at about 7pm, the man came to deliver the carpet. He was a fairly tall man, carrying a 4 metre long roll of carpet over one shoulder. I was getting lots of things in from the car and walked up the path behind him, when he shifted the carpet to put it down in the hall. 

It smacked me squarely on the top of the head.

I squawked, as one does when unexpectedly hit on the head. He turned around as the carpet hit the floor, and I thought his eyes were going to pop out. Then I started laughing, and after a moment he joined in.

“There were visions of claims and compensations running through my head there,” he said. I assured him I was completely unhurt, so he gave me a bit of brass stuff to fasten the carpet down in the doorway, and left. They say we live in a compensation culture - I do wonder if anyone would consider claiming on something as insignificant as that. 

I’ve stained my big wooden storage thing from Pine to Rosewood. That took care of a lot of little marks as well. It’s been sanded too, and looks much more in keeping with the period. I was going to put on another coat but it looks like that would make it too dark, so I’ll settle for lots of beeswax instead. I’ll treat my cabinet the same way, when it’s finished.

Ah yes, the cabinet. It will be finished tomorrow and then I’ll post notes on how to make a cabinet whilst learning how to use a chisel.

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