Monday, 24 January 2011

2: Steampunk Mr Potato Head

I've been browsing a lot on Instructables recently, and I came across this one. So when Amazon offered me a Mr Potato Head for £1.95, I had to buy it. Of course.

Because I'm following someone else's instructions, I'm just going to post progress pictures.

 Fimo bits and bobs, with some weird copper bits I found in the bargain bin at B&Q. I think they might be bits of piping for gas fires. Mr Potato Head also needed reversed, and his shoes have been covered in cardboard.

All spray-painted black. Can you tell what the random bits I used to make him were?

His gun is two glue-gun sticks and a 16-gauge needle case. His hat is a contact lens case, his backpack is a spool (that once contained thread), and there's lots of copper wire about. The paint is brass enamel.

He turned out quite well. He has no conceivable use, but he makes me smile. And that's good enough.

Anyone have a useless but cool project to look at?

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