Thursday, 3 February 2011

3: Steampunk Dragonfly

 Made in FIMO Soft polymer clay with added brass watchwheels and enamelled wire.

The body is 1/2 metallic gold, 1/4 metallic silver, 1/4 white. The wings are 1/8 body colour and the 7/8 white. 

I made a 3-inch log, pointed it at one end and rounded the other. Then I rolled a pen around it for neck and waist. 

 Twiddles and twists of left-over body colour decorate the wings, and the body is wrapped in ivory 0.5mm enamelled wire. The eyes are made of multifaceted glass beads.

She needed her wings supported whilst they baked. 

Incidentally, the glass I use as both a work surface and a baking tray came from a packet of cheap clip photo-frames. I lost the clips.

Whilst baking, the clay of the wings darkened a lot. I searched for a reason for this, and I think my 'white' must have actually been 'translucent white'. I think she turned out not badly.

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