Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A few more projects

 I'm a bit behind with my projects, although not as far behind with them as I am with my posting.

Here is a FIMO chameleon. He's made of a mixture of bright green and silver clay with gold embellishments and little brass screws.

This is his older brother, made out of plasticine as a practice run.

 Scribble Owl! 3 colours of wire and a snip of Coke can.

 Embossed tin box made out of Coke cans.

An attempt at making a dragonfly less steampunky and more elegantly pretty. I'm not really sure I pulled that one off...

Marbled FIMO beads in a necklace and bracelet.

FIMO fish, made by cutting three identical shapes in different colours up and putting them back together. It doesn't work as well in FIMO as it does in wood or metal.

Carrot cake!

The giraffe, the peli and me! I used to love that book as a child, though I can't now remember anything about it except it was written by Roald Dahl.

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